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Hattori Jonin Inu

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Hattori Jonin Inu (JONININU)
Hattori Jonin Inu (JONININU)

Hattori Jonin Inu (JONININU)

Hattori Jonin Inu, the merciless High Ninja, main purpose is to take over and reclaim power over the blockchain temple.

The mighty warrior Hattori has risen from the shadows, reincarnated into the soul of our warrior Shiba Inu, to take over and squash all others in his path!

He shows no fear and no mercy as he yields his lethal Katanas!

His intentions are not all bad though, as his army and followers grows, he has set in place rewards for all Hattori Jonin Inu holders.


  • 10,000,000,000 Total supply
  • Private presale 200,000,000
  • Public presale 4,800,000,000
  • Public sale 2,856,000,000
  • Marketing 400,000,000
  • Development 400,000,000
  • Airdrop wallet 300,000,000
  • Rest of supply burnt

10% tax on every transaction

  • 4% Redistribution
  • 4% Auto LP
  • 2% Charity Wallet

A 10% tax is taken from all transactions. Every transaction will place 4% back to his loyal clan of Shib Ninjas.​

That’s not all!!!! He is a kind hearted Shib despite the rumours that surround him, so he has also set in his ninja code that 2% is sent to his charity wallet to help those that are less fortunate.​

Finally, to make sure the clan of ninjas can continue their mission, 4% is used towards LP.

Other reasons why you should join us:

  • Fully doxxed dev
  • Liquidity will be locked on launch
  • Charitable
  • Regular Airdrop rewards

Hattori Jonin Inu charity mission

Fighting Inequality

One of Hattori’s goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk groups are safe and have their basic needs taken care of. With the generous 2% donation fee from each transaction sent to the charity wallet and volunteering efforts of these hard working independent charities, they will have the capacity to help others in their endeavour of Fighting Poverty.

Feeding Children

One of Hattori’s main causes is Feeding Children, an issue that touches many lives. He will be prioritizing charities that are in this field especially. With the help of his mighty clan and the charity wallet, children and families will be able to eat and live more happily.

Hattori Jonin Inu contract :

To Be Announced. Presale starts 30th July.

Hattori Jonin Inu contact information





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