Jose – the Bitcoin of Meme Coins

Welcome to Jose Project!! The 21 million total supply meme coin ~ It’s the Bitcoin of meme coins !!

Embark on an exciting journey with Jose Token through our dynamic, community-driven roadmap. The roadmap isn’t just a plan—it’s a collaborative vision shaped by our diverse, international community. With milestones that include launching unique NFTs, developing engaging merchandise, exploring gaming utilities, securing exchange listings, and implementing rewarding systems for active community members, Jose Token’s future is bright and boundless.

Key Features:

– Jose project is Safu, Audited by InterfiNetwork and KYC by Pinksale.

– Community Rewards: Creating a large pool for the community to be rewarded.

– Low Total Supply: Allowing for greater potential for significant returns.

– No Transaction Tax: Facilitating seamless trading.

– Mint Revoked: Preventing future token creation.

– Freeze Revoked: Ensuring safety for investors.

– Renounced Contract Ownership: Ensuring decentralization.

– Community Driven: Decisions guided by the community.

******Presale will be on Pinksale Platform. Join the Community to get links.******

A Limited and Strategic Supply:

The total supply of Jose tokens is capped at 21 million.

Presale Tokens:

10 million tokens are allocated for the presale, providing early investors with a significant opportunity to acquire Jose tokens at a potentially lower price before it hits the broader market.

Liquidity & Listing Reserves:

7.5 million tokens are reserved to ensure sufficient liquidity for market launch and exchange listings.

Community Rewards:

1.5 million tokens are set aside to reward community members who contribute to the project through marketing efforts on social media, content creation, and other means. In a special post-launch initiative, we will burn 1,000,000 tokens to further reduce the supply and increase scarcity, potentially driving up value.


1 million tokens for ongoing marketing, partnerships, and acquisitions.


1 million tokens are allocated for token creation, ongoing maintenance, investor relations, and marketing costs.



Whitepaper PDF link:

Token Address: Ff6CHymwNXFqES9mmf6PmSns3wAW4ykWgSgZJRMfH6dk






------------------------------------- Note that: 1) A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room. 2) If a listing reaches 2000 votes within 10 days, it will be tagged as a “Strong Community”. 2000 votes also qualifies the project to become one of our partners. You get 12 months of promotion at the cost of only 1 month! Please get your awesome community to vote. Thanks. 🚀🚀🚀 ------------------------------------- Hello readers, this post was created with our nice and easy submission form. Create your post!


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