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MiniSports Builds the Bridge Between the crypto world and Sports, connecting sports and the crypto community through a series of competitions, betting and prizes that highlight the leading ideas and individuals shaping the future of sports on the blockchain.

MiniSports is a sports based community token developed mainly to create a safehaven for sports lovers. It is an upcoming next level online sports betting and ticketing platform, aimed at bringing cryptocurrency and smart contract-based protocols to the mainstream.

Our main goal is to provide people a safe and trustworthy place where they can use their crypto for rewards, betting, staking & sports ticketing. As a sports community developed token, we focus on the needs of our Sports lover community members.

Our mission is to give the perfect ecosystem for sports lovers. MiniSports token is completely community driven and can only grow with the help of the holders.

The platform utilizes the Binance Smart Chain for transactions, giving unprecedented flexibility and speed on bet executions. BSC is an most advance blockchain solution for smart Contract that allows low fee and fast transactions.

MiniSports Ecosystem

MiniSports bridges sports betting, tickets selling and blockchain technology with native token and tournaments

  • Sports Betting – MIniSports Bet is a decentralised, peer-to-peer betting platform. The main advantages are the attractive near-zero fees and the efficiency in regards to transactions
  • Reward Pools – The rewards system is quite simple. Earn more rewards and daily prizes by staking the MiniSports Token on our Reward pools
  • Sports Ticketing – Minisports Allow anyone to purchase tickets for your next sport instantly using MiniSports token with zero fee. Direct tickets purchase using crypto

Benefits of Holding MiniSports Token

  • Auto reward – Auto Reflection to holders. Hold MiniSports Tokens and watch your token growing on every single transaction
  • Weekly Giveaways – Hold MiniSports tokens and instantly win tickets on every week. Win more prizes. As long as you have tokens Holding you’re eligible to win prizes
  • Anti-Whale Mechanism – Any transaction (Sell/Buy) that trade more than 1% of the total supply will be rejected
  • Highly Secured – Our smart contract has been audited by Techrate with zero issue and Liquidity will be locked on DxSale. Your funds are SAFU



  • 8% of each transaction will go to the Prize Fund Wallet. Holding more tokens increases the chance of winning multiple prizes & cash rewards.
  • 5% of every transaction contributes toward Buy-Back Mechanisms to Ensure Sustainable Growth of Price & Volume Strategically.
  • 2% of every transaction is taken and redistributed to all holders. Watch your Token balance growning by hodling MiniSports Token.

Token Allocation

TOTAL SUPPLY – 1,000,000,000,000,000 – 1 QUADRILLION

  • PRESALE ALLOCATION – 500,000,000,000,000 – 500 TRILLION (50%)
  • MARKETING ALLOCATION – 100,000,000,000,000 – 100 TRILLION (10%)
  • PRIVATE SALE – 100,000,000,000,000 – 100 TRILLION (10%)
  • INITIAL BURN – 300,000,000,000,000 – 300 TRILLION (30%)

MiniSports BSC contract:


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