About $MRAT Moonrat: Journey to the Moon 

Introducing Moonrat, a groundbreaking token launched through the Moonshot tool on DexScreener. Born from a visionary community, Moonrat is designed to revolutionize the crypto world and aim for astronomical heights. 

The Mission 

Moonrat’s $MRAT mission is to reach the moon, setting new standards in decentralized finance. With a robust roadmap and community-driven approach, Moonrat is engineered for sustainable growth and long-term stability. 

The Ascent 

Supported by a strong community and strategic partnerships, Moonrat’s innovative tokenomics fuel its ascent. Each transaction propels Moonrat higher, bringing holders closer to unprecedented success. 

Join the Expedition By holding Moonrat, you join a community of pioneers and dreamers. Together, we will navigate the crypto cosmos and reach for the stars.

Launch date: 26th June 2024

Audit: Contract launched via Moonshot (Dexscreener).

Tokenomics: 1bn Token launched, 17.4% burned

Supply: 825m Token

Contract Number: 8us62QiyHSMNj9we4Tr2SDedsQGfijhe9LJJwdvDi1a2

Chain: Solana


Moonrat Solana

You can view and join @moonrat_sol right away.

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MRAT $0.00003127 – Moonrat / SOL on Solana / Raydium – DEX Screener

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