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Red Light Coin ($RED)

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Red Light Coin ($RED)
Red Light Coin ($RED)

Red Light Coin ($RED)

Red Light Coin is an adult utility token. With the adult entertainment industry being a US$ 100 billion a year industry, $RED aims to transform the industry by introducing blockchain technology. Join us on 31 August 2021, 13:00 EST when our PRESALE goes LIVE!


Red Light Mint

The Red Light Mint will be open to any registered adult content creator, be it professional or amateur, to mint their photos or videos using $RED. Users will be able to name, provide a description, program a royalty clause and determine the collection type (single or multiple) of their NFT. Users can choose to immediately list their NFT’s for sale on the Red Light Marketplace, upload their NFT to the Red Light Hub to earn Ad Revenue or keep their NFT’s for their own personal collection.

Red Light Marketplace

The Red Light Marketplace will be a platform for adult content creators (professional or amateur) to sell their photo or video NFT’s. A low-resolution preview of the NFT’s will be available for everyone to view. Anyone (over the age of 18) may purchase these NFT’s using $RED. The NFT’s can be stored in your wallet and on the blockchain which means you can own porn without having to store it on your computer!

Red Light Hub

The Red Light Hub will be a porn platform for photo and video NFT’s. It consists of a continuous scroll feed with auto loading photos and videos with a search and explore feature. Adult content NFT owners can upload their photo or video NFT’s to the platform and earn Ad Revenue through the platform with revenues paid out in $RED. Users will be able to follow their favorite adult content creators, comment on and like content and customize their feeds.

Red Light Cams

Red Light Cams will be a live cam platform where users will be able to interact with and watch their favorite adult performers live. Users can use $RED to tip, purchase one on one private sessions, join private shows, purchase virtual gifts that will be displayed on stream and bid on what the performer wears during the stream. The platform will also allow for tip-based sex toy vibrations with varying intensities and timed durations. Performers can also set special commands on the platform that will allow users to take over control of the sex-toy, where users can control not only the vibrations of the toy, but movement as well.

Red Light Coin Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1 Billion Red – 1,000,000,000 RED

  • 2% is automatically added to the liquidity pool by the contract
  • 3% is distributed to the Development & Marketing wallet to develop and market the platform

✓ Liquidity Pool Locked for 1 Year

✓ Source Code Verified on BSCscan

✓ Fully Transparent Team

✓ Fully Audited by eNebula

Red Light Coin contract :

To Be Announced






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