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Echelon Blockchain (ECH)

Echelon blockchain
Echelon blockchain

Echelon Blockchain (ECH)

Echelon is a public Cosmos and EVM compatible blockchain protocol and new ecosystem that bridges DeFi and mass adoption.

The Echelon consensus and layer protocols delivers unparalleled speed, scalability, and security.

Echelon equally serves as an application-agnostic chain fully interoperable with the Ethereum mainnet, all EVM compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC. Expectedly, it eases cross-chain transferrals of value for both developers and end-users.

Echelon is IBC compatible meaning it can exchange native tokens across other IBC integrated blockchains. Echelon also features a custom bridge with its own token bECH for EVM based L1 blockchains.

Programmable Money For The Internet

The Echelon ecosystem constantly expands overtime! Echelon is a public Cosmos SDK and EVM agnostic eco-friendly delegated proof of stake blockchain protocol a suite of algorithmic stablecoins, tokens, and projects which help to underpin a thriving community ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses, along with the next generation of financial services and cross-chain platforms.

Echelon Blockchain is the new upper echelon of all blockchains. Join the elite builders, creators, developers, and users of the upper Echelon of Blockchains.

Echelon blockchain Features

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Sustainability

Build ANYTHING on Echelon

Start building on Echelon using Solidity and the tools that you are already familiar with: Remix, Truffle, and MetaMask. Echelon supports Solidity EVM and you can deploy your dApps just like on Ethereum.

New validators welcomed

Join the fastest-growing ecosystem in crypto with projects across DeFi, Web3, and NFTs. Build brand new apps and platforms on the Echelon protocol or contribute to our existing codebase. Cosmos and EVM supported. We support up to 100 active validators at a time on our network. Secure and support our network by running a node today!

Echelon blockchain Roadmap & Goals

Q2 2022

  • Echelon Mainnet Network Launched!
  • Bridged Echelon Launched! Bridged Echelon (bECH) was launched across seven L1 EVM blockchain networks and live for trading!
  • Available on: Ethereum ETH, Fantom FTM, Polygon MATIC, CRO, Avalanche AVAX, Harmony ONE, and Binance Smart Chain BNB

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Echelon IBC Relayer nodes setup to relay IBC transfers for Echelon <> Cosmos, Echelon <> Osmosis.
  • Enabling and expanding Echelon’s blockchain network to Cosmos IBC enabled cryptocurrencies.



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