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VOC Colonizer Token

Symbol: VOC

Network/Chain: BSC

Project in presale phase?  Yes

Contract: 0xf86b9dd76Cc6ab6Becfef564346245836bEdF978


The VOC Colonizer Token is a community token that aims to revive the history of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) and colonize the cryptospace, propelling our wealth to unprecedented heights. The creator of the token grew tired of losing funds in various crypto projects and devised an innovative solution to overcome the challenges faced by many crypto tokens.

As a VOC Colonizer Token holder, you become a shareholder in the project. 

You can participate in community decisions through voting. Farming is performed on your behalf, allowing you to earn a passive income in BUSD.

The VOC Colonizer Token adds value to various scenarios by

continuously increasing in strength through external financing provided by farming.

Launch date: 24/07/2023

Website link:

Telegram link:

Twitter link:

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