Genesis Core (AGORA)

Introducing Genesis, a faster and more cost-effective blockchain than Bitcoin. With an innovative consensus algorithm, Genesis boasts rapid transaction processing and lower fees, providing users with an efficient experience.

Notably, Genesis seamlessly integrates the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing easy migration of Ethereum-based projects for improved performance without sacrificing compatibility. This interoperability positions Genesis as a practical solution for decentralized applications and smart contracts, meeting the evolving needs of the digital ecosystem.

Price : 1 AGORA = $0.02
Hard Cap : $8,000,000
Own Blockchain :
Project Name: Genesis Core
Symbol: AGORA
Contract Address: 0xdd19A94D9e283C896AaBfc72eC7A76D51D9bE058
Total Supply: 800,000,000
Launch Date: November-21-2023
Presale Start Date: December-1-2023
Presale End Date: January-1-2024
Hard Cap :$8,000,000
Email :

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