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zero2hero(Z2H) address: 0x99b37475ebd7Dce551e6A9248673040f1d8F712f

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– zero2hero Owls-Patron Birds, 10K NFT on Ethereum,
– zero2hero Social Leaders NFT Collection, 10K NFT on Polygon,

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zero2hero stands at the forefront of the Metaverse revolution, blending the cutting-edge realms of blockchain, virtual reality (VR), and gaming to create an unparalleled platform for socializing and training.

🎓 At zero2hero, learning takes center stage. We have curated a rich array of educational content, allowing individuals to seamlessly upskill and retool. But learning doesn’t stop at academics! Our users can immerse themselves in a variety of social events, such as live events, network games, VR games, art exhibitions, and cultural activities. The only boundary is your imagination! 🎮🎨

🏫 We also cater to Corporates, Education, and Training Institutes, enabling them to create their virtual training centers, campuses, language courses, professional courses, laboratories, and simulation systems with or without our technical support.

✨ Established in 2019, we are a technology training company that always seeks to go one step ahead. With the upcoming zero2hero token (Z2H) pre-sale, we continue to break barriers and redefine the future of learning, socialization, and gaming in the Metaverse.

backed by HMRC R&D support(United Kingdom government), EIS certified(tax relief option), & part of AWS Startup list. Real-world educators on a mission to merge traditional education with futuristic learning. 🌉👍

Join us on this incredible journey! 🌟

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