DOGE PAY 🐶💰 | All-in-one payment

DOGE PAY  | All-in-one payment solution

– Simply add your existing bank accounts and wallets

– Pay with crypto & fiat


Add your wallets  & bank accounts

When people ask us “what is DOGEPAY ?” we give a simple answer: DOGEPAY is a next gen payment app: half Apple Pay, half MetaMask.” Users simply connect their existing bank accounts and external wallets and use our app for all kind of payment transactions for fiat and crypto. DOGEPAY is aggregating various accounts and wallets. We are the first payment initiation service provider using blockchain technology, smart contracts and open banking APIs to provide a next-gen billing solution that meets the needs of modern payment systems for businesses and customers. Our app is totally free of charge and without any banking cards.

Users don’t have to change anything, they only aggregate their assets with our app.

 DeFi features

DOGEPAY  is offering an attractive range of DeFi features:


Stake DOGEPAY to passively make more money from your assets, like getting interest payments from a traditional bank. The Compound interest rates we use makes your money grow faster because isnterest is calculated on the accumulated interest over time as well as on your original principal. We offer both flexible and long term staking within the DOGEPAY  app.

Governance token

Staking DPAY gives you the right to vote on different projects and influence the investment decisions taken by the management team.

Club deals

With the Polka Ventures Club Deals you can get exclusive access to some flash token sales at dicounted prices. The access to these deals is based on the existence of DPAY stakes and the discount levels depends on the amounts that are staked. At the end of these flash sales the exchanged DPAY token are burned.

Instant Credit

Along with our technology partners, we implement an instant credit feature: get a peer-to-peer loan, either in crypto currency or in fiat. According to your individual credit rating you will benefit from attractive interest rates up to 180 days. This is truly decentralized banking.

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