Emerging from the depths of 4chan’s shadows, meet Dolan Duk, now reborn on the ERC-20 network. This distorted incarnation of Disney’s innocent Donald Duck embodies shocking psychopathic tendencies, bearing a maniacal grin and an insatiable appetite for murder and forbidden desires.

With chillingly polite “plz” requests, he forges a path of betrayal and treachery, carving a sinister legacy in internet culture through a dedicated Memebase enclave and an iconic presence on KnowYourMeme.

  • Tittle: DOLAN ($DOLAN)
  • Details about the project/Why is it a good investment: Just pure meme with meme potential
  • Launch date: 30th September 2023
  • Audited? NO audit, it will be simple contract with 0 tax and no functions. no need for audit as its as basic as you can get
  • Doxxed team? No
  • Tokenomics: 100% to presale & liquidity
  • Supply: 66, 666, 666 supply available and max all circulating
  • Contract Number: not deployed yet
  • Chain: ETH
  • Website:  React App (
  • Twitter: $DOLAN (@dolan_erc_20) / X (
  • Telegram: Telegram: Contact @dolanERC20portal

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