How the AlphaDog $ADOG Contract works 😁

📄 The $ADOG contract operates seamlessly with automation. Upon purchasing tokens, investors receive;

🟢1% reflections

🟢1% burn

🟢1% BTC

On each transaction, along with a 2% liquidity pool (LP) contribution on both buys and sells. Totalling 5% Tax.

The process is entirely automatic, eliminating the need for manual claims.

A designated wallet, under project control, accumulates BTC and reflections. This wallet facilitates payments to the NFT distributor. We convert BTCB to BNB and inject it into the system.

This unique method ensures that the chart rewards NFTs, and in turn, NFTs contribute back to the chart, resulting in additional burns, reflections, and increased BTC rewards during NFT claims.

By holding NFTs, investors earn from both the chart and mint. Claiming NFTs leads to more tokens, increased burns, and additional BTC rewards, generating automatic volume for the chart and numerous benefits.

Notably, our LP continues to grow without token sales; we only add BTCB, convert to BNB, and incorporate existing reflections. This strategy allows for sustained growth and continuous rewards and also establishes a stable marketing fund for us without relying on contributions from the chart.

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