We are conducting a bounty airdrop prior to the pre-sale event to provide early supporters with a free opportunity to enjoy the excitement of AMETAVERSE’s Game Portal. AMETAVERSE will distribute 30 $AMETA to each whitelisted individual, enabling them to participate in multiplayer games at any time.

Join the official discord channel to get the whitelisted requirements:

BOUNTY AIRDROP ONGOING: (Event date : 1 Mar 2023 – 31 Mar 2023)

Airdrop URL :
Airdrop Start and End Date : (Event date : 1 Mar 2023 – 31 Mar 2023)
Airdrop Tokens per Member :30 AMETA
Airdrop Total Reward : 100,000 AMETA
Airdrop Award Distribution : 7 April 2023

Complete the following tasks, you will receive 30 AMETA token airdrop rewards

Task-1  : Certified as a MATIC holder

Authenticate your wallet address through Collab.Land bot. You need to hold a minimum of 1 MATIC in your wallet.
After completion, you will get a MATIC holder role to access the Task-2 channel

Task-2 : Twitter Buddy

Through the official twitter account of Crew 3 bot follower AMETAVERSE.

Like, reply and retweet the designated post, and finally enter the wallet address verified by Task-1 to receive the airdrop.
After completion, you will get the Bounty Airdrop Whitelist role

 The airdrop will be issued within 72 hours after obtaining the Whitelist role
 You need to manually import AMETA tokens into the wallet, Please refer to the link below to teach the import procedure :

------------------------------------- Note that: 1) A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room. 2) If a listing reaches 2000 votes within 10 days, it will be tagged as a “Strong Community”. 2000 votes also qualifies the project to become one of our partners. You get 12 months of promotion at the cost of only 1 month! Please get your awesome community to vote. Thanks. 🚀🚀🚀 ------------------------------------- Hello readers, this post was created with our nice and easy submission form. Create your post!


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