ArchieNeko delivers always. 

◦ ERC 20 token 

◦ Low Market Cap 800k

◦ Dev wallet locked for 1 year

◦ Liquidity locked for 1 year  

◦ 5% Buy Sell or Transfer Taxes 

◦ 24 hour voice chat in telegram join today 

Dextools chart


DEXTools, the gateway to DEFI, real-time charts, history and all token info from blockchain.


The vision of Archie Neko is to generate wealth for a decentralized community in a safe and secure environment, leveraging DeFi protocols and to impact the globe for good, thereby cherishing the memory of our beloved Archie.

What is happening within the Archie Neko Eco System

Archie AGGREGATOR Live  

Archieneko Aggregator

DEX aggregators offer a larger pool of liquidity to traders who wish to trade huge amounts of digital tokens. A DEX aggregator will typically provide a better execution price than a single DEX. Aggregators are designed to help traders fill trades at the highest possible level across a variety of liquidity pools.

Our defi Aggregator, Archie Aggregator is now live, with 18 blockchains and over 10,000 tokens/coins tradable! More blockchains will be listed soon.



At the center of ArchieMeta is Archie City. Archie City will not only have a fully functioning economy where individuals and businesses can buy, sell, and trade virtual assets and services using ArchieNekoNFTs, it will also collect revenue from various businesses and governmental departments within ArchieMeta Just like in a real-world city, Archie City will need employees to oversee daily operations of its businesses, services, and government in order for the city to run smoothly.

◦ Already minted and ready to buy in OpenSea 

◦ All NFTs with passive income. DYOR

EVEREST P2E Gaming Centre. TBA

It is where you can play a variety of different games, including poker, roulette, blackjack, slot machines and various arcade/video games. This is where your Archie Neko NFT’s will earn a passive income 

Q4 of 2022 is going to be not only busy, but a very exciting stage in our ecosystem.

BLOCKCHAIN   ArchieChain Q4 2022

We have our own layer 1 proof of stake (POS) blockchain, Our blockchain will be faster, greener and more secure with very cheap gas fees.


Our ArchieSwap will be our own defi exchange, similar to uniswap or pancake swap. It will be where developers/projects can list their tokens or coins for trading on our blockchain.


Archiescan will be where you can track any transaction that occurs on our blockchain.

ArchieScan will be useful to track and confirm NFT payments via the smart contract.

ARCHIEwallet 3FA WALLET Q4 2022

We also have our very own 3fa wallet, which is being designed to keep our holders safe and secure.


In Q1 of 2023 we will start the long process of bringing our metaverse together. Work has already started on the design of “island of Archie”. Our metaverse is going to be photo realistic with animated NFT’s filling all the roles required to run a city.

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Launch date:- March 25 2022

Audit:-  yes 

Doxxed :- No 


Buy 5% :

 3% Liquidity, 

2% Marketing, 

Sell 5%: 

3% Liquidity, 

2% Marketing

Supply:- 10 sextillion


Chain:- Etherium






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