Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence

Are we a the beginning of the next major change in human existence?

$AGI – Artificial General Intelligence

With the rapid pace of growth in the AI space with programs like Chat GPT, BARD AI, etc. We are now posed with a philosophical crossroad. Can AI develop on its own to replace human consciousness? What is our place moving forward? Can this eventual outcome be used for good? Tech leaders from Elon Musk to Steve Wozniak have voiced loud opinions on the subject and as advancements in AI continue to dominate our world (and news cycle) the topic of AGI will only grow more and more!

Launched 8 April 2023

Supply 1,000,000 

Max: No man

TAX 5/5






CA: 0xf6e77f321b35de7a251aa7f9757c502aab4dc404

6 Months Lock


No Description

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