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Belveder ($BLV)

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Belveder ($BLV)
Belveder ($BLV)

Belveder ($BLV)

The newest static farming, community-driven charity protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. Hold Belveder ($BLV) and earn 10% of every single transaction on the blockchain while supporting victims of natural disasters at the same time.

From worldwide pandemics, earthquakes and wildfires to tsunamis, floodings, volcanic eruptions and many more, roughly 6,800 natural disasters take place every year around the globe. On average, around 68,000 people lose their lives as a results of these disasters and an average of over $250 billion worth of material damages are recorded every single year. In order to help victims of natural disaster, 5% of every transaction of Belveder token on the blockchain is donated to charity chosen by the community.

Belveder Tokenomics

Belveder tokenomics have been constructed in order to sustain and maintain the development of the project alongside rapid expansion of the Belveder token on all the decentralized and centralized exchanges.

10% Reward For Holding (RFH

Reward For Holding (RFH) is a 10% reward for holding awards the $BLV token holders every single time a transaction involving $BLV is made on the blockchain. The part of the 10% is redistributed into every single wallet containing $BLV token, allowing the holders to passively earn tokens by simply just holding the $BLV tokens in their wallets.

15% Growth & Charity Pool (GCP)

Growth & Charity Pool (GCP) is the 15% charity fee redistribute the tokens burnt through the tax fee into the Belveder Growth & Charity pool, from which 5% of the pool being redistributed for charity in order to support victims of natural disasters, with another 5% being redistributed towards marketing in order to raise as much awareness and increase the growth of Belveder charity actions as possible. The final 5% of the pool is redistributed into the liquidity pool of Belveder and added up onto PancakeSwap exchange.

5% Burn Fee

The Burn Fee is the 5% burn fee allows the coin for the economic deflation in order to reduce the amount of $BLV on the blockchain, making the price skyrocket as the demand for the coin increases where the amount of the $BLV tokens on the market decreases every single transaction.

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Note that:

  1. A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room.
  2. If you reach 2000 votes within 10 days, the listing will be tagged as a “Strong Community”.

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