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Bitcoin bank pursues the naturally induced popularization of the Blockchain by adding the payment function toconnect the Blockchain ecosystem and the daily life to expand the boundaries of virtual assets. Bitcoin bank is Blockchain project designed for everyone to ensure convenient access to your crypto account. We aim to keep your personal financial information and digital currency stored with us safe and secure. We will never sell your data – period.

Bitcoin bank will support the online payment system using virtual wallet. The crypto currency which will be spent by the user will be sold in real time through the exchange and bank will receive the fiat same day.

Bitcoin Bank plans to support payment of various virtual assets. Users who make payment with virtual assets will be eligible for various rewards, such as promotional discounts with partnerships with the affiliates. In particular, users can enjoy the following benefits when making payments with Bitcoin bank tokens. Bitcoin bank shares a portion of its revenue generated from the platform with Bitcoin bank holders. Revenue generate from: payment fees, profits from registering various virtual assets as form of payment, and acquisition of affiliate stores and investment products. Bitcoin bank holders enjoy discount on fee with making payment with Bitcoin bank tokens. Depending on amount held, the holders can also be exempt from paying fees. They can also receive a certain amount of payback based on their holding and usage amount.




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