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blokAI (BLOKS)

blokAI (BLOKS) Binance Chain!

At blokAI, AI-driven technology evaluates blockchain startups, providing them with token-based financial support and secure digital identity verification through BLOKS ID. The platform allows investors to diversify their portfolios and engage directly with various blockchain ventures, enhancing the value of their investments. With a focus on smooth collaboration and autonomous funding, blokAI facilitates efficient partnership between startups and investors. It offers a unique ecosystem where users can capitalize on genuine investment opportunities and support innovative projects. blokAI redefines the integration of AI and blockchain for startup success and investor satisfaction

Launch date: 25.5.2024

Total supply: 1 290 000 000 BLOKS


blokAI Whitepaper – blokAI

At blokAI, we blend blockchain with artificial intelligence to foster a world that values transparency, connectivity, and intelligent solutions.

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Join blokAI at the Ground Floor! (BSC)

blokAI accelerates blockchain startups using AI, offering BLOKS token holders VC-like investment opportunities ?

Why blokAI?

♟ Solid foundation and clear roadmap

 Secure and user-friendly BLOKS ID

 Automated reward system

 Power to the community!

 No whitelist or centralized restrictions!

Benefits of early participation:
 Project influence:
-Direct impact on decisions

 Discounted tokens:
-Lower cost entry

 Greater returns:
-Higher ROI potential

  Early updates:
-First to new features

 Low Market Cap:
Huge growth potential!

 Marketing Begins:
We’re kicking off our marketing efforts now

 LP Thickening:
Increasing LP is our top priorities

 LP Locked & Contract Renounced

 Secure and transparent

 We’ve spent months building a solid foundation. blokAI is a hidden gem many will discover soon!

 Act now and join us as we kick things off!

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Token Allocation and Minting Strategy

The blokAI ecosystem introduces a revolutionary approach to token generation and distribution, ensuring alignment with market demand and fairness across the community. With a total supply cap of 750,000,000 BLOKS, our strategy unfolds in a sequenced and transparent manner, ensuring all stakeholders are engaged and rewarded equitably.

Stage 1. Seed Token Offering and Airdrop: Setting the Stage

  • Allocation: 10% (75,000,000 BLOKS)

The journey begins with the Seed Token Offering, earmarking 75,000,000 BLOKS (10% of the total supply) and 7,500,000 airdrop BLOKS for early backers. This phase is crucial, as tokens are minted based on actual sales, providing a clear indicator of ecosystem interest. The outcome of this offering sets the foundation for all subsequent token allocations and minting events.

Stage 2. Dynamic Allocation Post-Seed Offering: Adapting to Engagement

Following the initial Seed Offering, the minting of BLOKS for subsequent allocations is tailored to match the proportion sold during this phase. This dynamic approach ensures:

  • A perfectly balanced supply that mirrors the community’s investment and interest.
  • Fairness across all ecosystem allocations, preventing any disproportionate advantage.

Stage 3. Staking in blokAI 

The staking mechanism within blokAI is designed to deeply engage token holders, offering them rewards from a pool of 150,000,000 BLOKS. This initiative promotes active participation while providing the flexibility to manage investments effectively.

Stage 4. Referral Program: Expanding the Community (if necessary)

In recognizing the vital role of our community in the growth of the blokAI ecosystem, we introduce a dedicated Referral Program allocation:

This program is designed to directly reward members of our community who actively contribute to expanding our network by referring new participants to blokAI. The allocation of (1% of the total supply) 7,500,000 BLOKS to the Referral Program underscores our appreciation for these community-driven efforts and our commitment to fostering a vibrant and growing ecosystem.

NOTE: The Referral program allocation will be burnt if program is cancelled

Understanding Our Dynamic Allocation Mechanism

After introducing the overarching principles of our tokenomics strategy, it’s crucial to delve deeper into the innovative core of our approach: the dynamic allocation mechanism. This system is pivotal in aligning our token supply with genuine market demand and community engagement, ensuring a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. Here, we offer a clearer insight into how this process unfolds and adapts based on the initial success of our Seed Token Offering.

The Process

  • Initial Assessment: Following the Seed Token Offering, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the results, evaluating overall participation and funds raised.
  • Adjustment Phase: Based on this analysis, we calculate the proportional adjustments necessary for subsequent allocations. This ensures that our token supply remains perfectly attuned to actual interest levels, safeguarding against market oversaturation.
  • Implementation: These adjustments are methodically implemented across the ecosystem’s allocations, ensuring each segment reflects the initial engagement’s outcomes.
  • Continuous Evaluation: The dynamic nature of this mechanism means it’s subject to ongoing review. This allows us to remain agile, making further adjustments as necessary to align with evolving market conditions and community feedback.


  • Market Responsiveness: By tying token supply directly to market demand, we ensure our ecosystem’s growth is both organic and sustainable.
  • Investor Confidence: This transparent approach builds trust with potential investors, showcasing our commitment to fairness and value preservation.
  • Adaptive Supply Management: It allows for a flexible supply strategy that can adapt to unforeseen market dynamics, ensuring long-term ecosystem stability.


  • Seed Token Sale (10%): 75,000,000 BLOKS allocated to kickstart the blokAI project, celebrating our early backers and providing them with an exclusive opportunity to be part of our journey from the very beginning.
  • Staking (17.5%): 131,250,000 BLOKS incentivize community engagement through a dynamic staking mechanism over a 3-month period, with the flexibility for token holders to participate according to their preferences.
  • Early Contributors and Advisors (3.0%): 22,500,000 BLOKS acknowledge the foundational role of early supporters, ensuring their contributions are celebrated and rewarded.
  • Airdrop (1%): 7,500,000 BLOKS are distributed to foster community engagement and loyalty, expanding the ecosystem’s reach and vibrancy.
  • Referral Program (1%): 7,500,000 BLOKS is introduced to incentivize and reward community members for their efforts in expanding the blokAI ecosystem through referrals.
  • Liquidity Pools & Exchanges (17.5%): 131,250,000 BLOKS ensure seamless market transactions and robust liquidity, supporting the ecosystem’s stability and growth.
  • Public Token Offering (27.5%): 206,250,000 BLOKS are made available, with minting volumes adjusted based on the Seed Offering’s success, ensuring market-aligned supply.
  • Team (12.5%): 93,750,000 BLOKS are allocated to the team behind blokAI, with a dynamic vesting schedule aligning with long-term project success.
  • Treasury (8.0%): 60,000,000 BLOKS support future ecosystem needs, strategic initiatives, and growth opportunities, with minting contingent on the Seed Offering’s results.

Tokenomics Implementation Timeline

The timeline for tokenomics implementation is strategically designed to unfold in phases, starting with the Seed Token Offering and transitioning through dynamic allocation based on this initial phase’s success. The approach ensures a methodical and equitable distribution of tokens, reinforcing the ecosystem’s integrity and sustainability.

This structured and phased approach to token generation and allocation underscores blokAI’s commitment to a fair, sustainable, and community-driven ecosystem, where every participant’s contribution is valued and rewarded in alignment with the project’s growth and success.

Proactive Supply Management through Token Burning 

In cases where allocations for Early Contributors and Advisors, Liquidity Pools & Exchanges, Public Token Offering, or community-driven initiatives like Staking, Airdrops, or Referral Programs exceed actual uptake, the surplus BLOKS will be burned. This strategy ensures that the circulating supply does not exceed genuine demand, thereby protecting the token’s value and supporting long-term economic fundamentals of the ecosystem.

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