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BombDog ($BOMD)

Note that a listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room. Please get your strong community to vote. Thanks. 🚀

BombDog ($BOMD)
BombDog ($BOMD)

BombDog ($BOMD)

The BombDog contract starts with a supply of 1 quadrillion, 50% gets burned before launch. Our marketing wallet gets 4.99% of the total supply.

There is a tax of 20% on each transaction. Make sure to set your slippage to 21% on PancakeSwap once trading is enabled.

18% will be distributed to holders as claimable BNB and 2% will go to the liquidity pool.

Fair launched

Due to no presale everyone gets a fair chance to buy in early


Anti-WHALING FEATURES will ensure that the token gets a fair distribution, especially early on, so no bots or snipers can buy too much too early, and get an opportunity to dump the charts.

Locked Liquidity & Renounced ownership

Since the ownership is renounced and the liquidity is locked, there is no way for the developers to scam the holders.


NFTS will also be released after the fair launch, for any bullish NFT collectors. They will be unique one offs; not auto generated or editioned. Like the token, they will exist on the BSC network.

BombDog BSC contract :


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  1. A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room.
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