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Chad Inu ($CINU)

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Chad Inu ($CINU)
Chad Inu ($CINU)

Chad Inu ($CINU)

Chad Inu, BSC‘s greatest NFT Trading-card, charity and meme token has just entered the building. Chad Inu is a community driven Binance Smart Chain token that is simultaneously utilizing memes and the crypto space to provide financial aid for charities such as Hope For Paws, which seeks to provide stray and neglected animals with a home.

It is doing so by creating THE SICKEST NFT trading card game that holders are automatically entered into the draw to win (don’t tell your wife’s boyfriend).

$CINU is a hybrid of all that makes BSC tokens great: 2 of the greatest memes of all time as inspiration for the name, an incredible community with possibly the funniest telegram ever, working with a number of charities focused on rescuing and finding homes for dogs, devs that are SUPER active in the telegram and an exciting dynamic roadmap!

NFT Trading Cards

NFTs are the future of art and simply by holding $CINU tokens you qualify for regular airdrops of the Chad Inu trading card NFTs. The NFT standard allows for verifiable digital scarcity with a proven authenticity and an immutable proof of ownership.

This technology has never been seen within the collectible and trading card industry until now and Chad Inu wishes to utilize it to create the most unique NFT trading card game and experience on the Binance Smart Chain while simultaneously raising money for charity.

The Chad Inu trading card game consists of 69 unique 3D trading cards that will be slowly released to the public via a series of airdrops. Each airdrop will contain 100 editions of the same card that will be airdropped to $CINU holders.

Charity Contribution

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year and 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. Of those, approximately 3.3 million and 670,00 respectively are dogs.

Chad Inu’s mission is to obliterate these numbers through awareness and financial support to a number of leading charities concerned with animal rescue, adoption and relocation.

Chad Inu raises funds for these charities in 2 ways: 4% of all the tokens have been allocated to a charity wallet from launch, thus as the value of Chad Inu tokens rise the value of the charity wallet increases simultaneously. As well as each Chad Inu transaction is subject to a 3% tax that is subsequently added to the charity wallet.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion)
Burn on release: 50%
Pre-sale: 25%
Pancakeswap Liquidity: %18
Marketing Wallet: 2.5%
Charity Wallet: 2.5%

9% Total Transaction Tax:
3% Sent to charity wallet
3% Added to liquidity
3% Redistributed to all token holders

Chad Inu Contract :


Chad Inu Contact Information




White Paper:

BSC Scan:


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