CrackRock (CRACK)

CRACKROCK is more than just a simple meme, it’s a powerhouse of community, it’s your bestie in Discord, or your Homie in Telegram, it’s that trader buddy on X, it’s all of us together showing the entire world what a crypto community can do!

Blackrock have their fancy offices and high flying board meetings, but we have so much more, remember how GameStop f**ked those guys up, yeah that’s right, don’t underestimate the little guys!


The idea was born, a meme parody of Larry himself, but an idea of a community stronger than they dare imagine

We are now on DEX!

and then the MOOOON, we are never selling, until BlackRock buys us out!!

Trading on Raydium & Dexscreener 📊

Mcap 78k✅️
Locked liquidity ✅️
Solid team taking to 1mil✅️


Find us on X:

Join TG:

Official website:

BUY while cheap:

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