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Crusaders Of Crypto

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Crusaders Of Crypto
Crusaders Of Crypto

Crusaders Of Crypto / CRUSADER

Crusaders of Crypto is a rogue like passion project that fuses our love for retro gaming and crypto together!

Players will find themselves delving into randomly generated dungeons, fight their way to bosses, competing with friends, and earning rewards!


Infinite and Automatic BNB Staking

Gamers want to game. They shouldn’t have to choose between Chasing in game loot and real world loot. The Crusader Token automatically stakes for BNB from the tokenomics, with no limits or timers on claiming.

Integrated Rogue like Game At your Fingertips

Claim your BNB from your Own personal Dungeon Loot ROom. Eventually be able to customize your “Home Dungeon” With NFTs, and challenge other Holders’ Dungeons!

Automatic Liquidity

Every transaction generates additional liquidity that goes into exchanges, providing sustainability to the token.


  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Anti Whale Limit: .5% of Total Supply Transaction limit
  • BNB Redistribution Fee: 5%
  • Liquidity Fee: 5%
  • Tokens From Prior Sale: ~500,000,000,000,000
  • Starting Liquidity: 100 BNB / ~46% Total Supply
  • Liquidity Locked AT Launch


This token is a relaunch (as the first launch failed). More information on reasoning can be found in Discord/Telegram/Twitter!

The team has gone through great lengths, and has retrieved an audit from to ensure the token portion of the game is as safe as it can be!

The relaunch LP is completely funded from the Dev

How to buy Crusaders of Crypto

You can buy Crusaders of Crypto on PancakeSwap

Crusaders of Crypto contract :


Crusaders of Crypto contact information




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