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Decimal is an ecosystem with blockchain technology in its core, providing simple personal coin issuing, transparent coin pricing, safety and rapidity.
20. 08 2020


Decimal blockchain infrastructure to create dapps for developers: Tools & Services
Decimal is blockchain supporting builders around the world creating crypto apps that scale today.
 Applications, contracts and tokens created on Decimal are automatically supported by the BSC,
EVM and IBC infrastructure, which means they interact with such networks as: BSC, ETH, Cosmos,
 Thorchain, Osmosis, Secret.

Decimal is a crypto “constructor”. Any entrepreneur, from an inexperienced blogger to a business
 giant – can issue their own currency and manage it without special technical skills.

“‘DecimalChain implies all the latest developments of the blockchain industry, such as:”‘
tokenization of assets;
instant payment;
points in loyalty systems;
cashback services;
user identification;
confirmation of ownership rights and authenticity of documents;
tracking of goods along supply chains;
honest algorithms for the gambling industry;
automatic execution of contracts;
guarantee of cash payments and safety of valuables;
providing access to various resources;
fair voting, lending and so on.

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