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ETHPad is the first decentralized & deflationary IDO platform inspired by EIP-1559 on Ethereum.

ETHPad – the next step in our evolution

A key piece to the ecosystem that started with BSCPad is the addition of an Ethereum based launchpad which will give our team full control of cross-platform launches, enabling liquidity sniping bot protection, our cross-chain bridge and proven staking systems.

Inspired by EIP-1559, ETHPad will have several deflationary triggers tied to selling, staking and IDO participation.

ETHPad is brought to you by BlueZilla — the team that also brought you the massively successful launch of BSCPad, since then we have demonstrated again and again that our team knows how to ‘move the needle’ with crypto marketing.

The simple fact is, we have the resources, knowledge and experience to deliver winning launchpad products – and ETHPad will be no exception.

Incubator program for new projects

As the IDO space has experienced exponential growth, the number of new projects has exploded. In this new landscape, a premium is being placed on selecting and investing in only the best projects. Our new incubator program will select and support the most promising teams and projects, giving them marquee status across our ecosystem of launchpads. Think of these projects as ‘tentpole’ projects, or the main events in our calendar.

Via our incubator program, you will have access to

  • Our legal department to help you set up the best jurisdiction for your token and project
  • Expert tokenomics design and vesting schedule creation
  • In house development support, token contract creation and auditing
  • Access to our marketing and KOL network
  • Exclusive access to our IDO platforms for the ultimate launch
  • Invaluable industry connections via our advisor and extended network


The first two main deflationary mechanisms will be a 10% fee on all token sales, of which 2.5% will be burned and 7.5% rewarded to stakers in ETH. There will also be an option to unstake early that comes with a 25% burn fee. If you wait 7 days to unstake, there is no fee. Additional deflationary mechanisms are in planning and will be introduced in the future.


  • Maximum Supply 1,000,000,000 $ETHPAD
  • Supply at listing 37,000,000 $ETHPAD
  • Team: 11%
  • Advisors: 6%
  • Liquidity: 10%
  • Ecosystem: 9%
  • Reserve: 3%
  • Staking/Rewards: 9%
  • Private Sale: 22%
  • BSCPad Public: 5%
  • TronPad Public: 5%
  • Airdrop: 20%

Project tokens offered on ETHPad IDOs will be split into the following pools:

  • 5% for public white list lotteries (open to anyone who completes tasks, no tokens required)
  • 10% for lottery Tier (Bronze)
  • 85% for guaranteed allocation Tiers (higher tiers)

Lottery Tier:

  • Bronze – 5,000 staked – 1 lottery ticket
  • Guaranteed Allocation Tiers:
  • Silver – 120,000 staked
  • Gold – 200,000 staked

ETHPad Ethereum contract :


ETHPad BSC contract :


ETHPad contact information





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Note that a crypto listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting RoomPlease get your strong community to vote. Thanks. 🚀🚀🚀

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