Forever Inu($FINU)

Forever Inu ($FINU) is a meme token with a mission centered around transparency, fairness, and preparedness. We may not have the power to alter the market’s course or usher in a new era, but we have closely observed its evolution and find ourselves disheartened by what it has transformed into. We’ve keenly observed market manipulation involving bots, influencers, and projects lacking a clear sense of purpose. Our aim is to replicate the success of various Inu tokens.

The primary function of $FINU is to reenergize the space, inclusively involve every community member, and reignite bullish sentiments for Inu tokens.

Back in the days of Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu, Hokkaido, Akita, Saitama, Floki and the other Inu’s I witnessed a thriving community who collaborated cohesively with the team for the fundamental component of the projects success. Community members provided support, feedback, advocacy, and helped build trust and adoption in the broader crypto ecosystem.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that community efforts in the space have been somewhat uninspiring and lacking in coordination. I’ve observed many community members who tend to take a passive stance, relying on devs that will work for them by stupid manipulations etc. While this perspective can be understandable given the widespread presence of fraud and scams in this space, it will ultimately impede our advancement.

We are fully dedicated to investing our time and effort into the project and community to the best of our abilities. However, it is with your assistance that we can truly excel. Those who persist and demonstrate resilience will ultimately enjoy the rewards that await us. You will soon witness and experience our strength and actions. Together, we can accomplish what we set our minds to. Let’s build a robust community and pave the way to wealth creation for all.

Lastly, would like to explain how FINU tokenomics constitutes the idea of a community led decentralized project.

  1. FINU is a 0 tax token
  2. 50% of the total supply is added to uniswap as initial liquidity, 46% is burned forever, and 1% reserved for cex listings.
  3. There are no private sales, seed sales, or team tokens, creating an equal opportunity for all.
  4. FINU has no permanent owner as ownership will be renounced

These tokenomics allow every investor start at a fair and equal footing

Together let us reignite Inu’s Forever

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FINU contract : 0x6b17250a14611e1671bfcf614fdbdd88488d52b4


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