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  • Tittle: Gerino (GNC)
  • Details about the project/:

    GERINO (GNC) Crypto Trading Protocol – The Future of Cryptocurrency Investing.

    GERINO is not a collective investment scheme. Rather it is a platform for investors and cryptocurrency traders who are looking

    to utilize the most advanced trading tools and technology, as well as the combined wisdom of the community in order to achieve maximum returns in cryptocurrency markets.

    GERINO peer -2-peer Asset Platform – the essence and core of the GERINO infrastructure. It implements a successful peer -2-peer

    business model and disrupts the traditional investment management industry. Investors can easily browse through hundreds of trading Models ( strategies ), provided by cryptocurrency traders and in effect “follow ” the ones matching their goals. 

    All members can get a clear picture of the current and past performances of each trading Model. By following, the platform does not allocate monies to anyone but rather implements the person’s own decision whereby the platform automatically replicates all trading activity of a chosen Model directly into investors ’ accounts at GERINO, providing a unique peer -2-peer experience along with the safety of funds.

    Gerino ICO Sale Details-
    $0.01 Phase 1 = 10th Jan To 10th Feb 2023 

    $0.02 Phase 2 = 10th Feb To 10th Mar 2023

    $0.03 Phase 3 = 10th Mar To 10th Apr 2023

    $0.04 Phase 4 = 10th April To 10th May 2023

    $0.05 Phase 5 = 10th May To 10th June 2023

    $0.06 Phase 6 = 10th June To 10th July 2023

    $0.08 Phase 7 = 10th July To 10th Aug 2023

    $0.10 Phase 8 = 10th Aug To 10th Sep 2023

    KYC Certificate:

  • Launch date: 10/Jan/2023
  • Tokenomics:  Supply: 600000000
  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:
  • CATEGORIES: Investing, Game, NFT, Blockchain

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