Welcome to Gudetama Coin

 CA : 0xBD1320dd30506c3e4dFf72af29304EB49847eb98

 $GUDETAMA is a 100% meme based and decentralized community token based on an exchange. Community first

Your $GUDETAMA tokens will give you unique access and influence in the direction of this project.

 $GUDETAMA LAUNCH DATE : 27 February 14:30 UTC

 Global TG: @GudetamaCoin

 Chinese TG: @GudetamaCoinCN

 Gudetama! Start your journey into space from Japan.

$GUDETAMA Tokenomics

 Total supply : 111,000,000 $GUDETAMA

 CA : 0xBD1320dd30506c3e4dFf72af29304EB49847eb98

 Token: Gudetama Coin

 Ticker: $GUDETAMA

 Chain : Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

 Decimals: 18

 Standard: BEP20

 Tax Total: 2%   Buy 1% & Sell 1%

 %5 BNB Reward

 LP 100% LOCKED (1 Years) – 100% SAFE

 NFT Collection

 The GUDETAMA Coin Project has an open and transparent system.

 $GUDETAMA LAUNCH DATE : 27 February 14:30 UTC

Social Media Links

 Website ( –  Telegram (  –  Chinese TG (  –  Twitter (

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