HyperBurn ($HYBRN)

HyperBurn is an innovative altcoin built on the newly established Pulse Chain. With its groundbreaking Inferno contract, Hyperburn redefines the concept of sustainable and high-yield investing in the crypto space. 102,483.58% APY! 

Launch date: 19.05.2023.

Audit in the works

Key Features of HAP:

1.Seamless Autostaking: With HyperBurn, staking becomes effortless. As soon as you purchase $HYBRN tokens, autostaking is initiated directly within your wallet. No need to transfer your tokens to a separate website or platform. From the moment of purchase, you are automatically staked and set to receive rebase rewards, making it the easiest auto-staking experience in the realm of DeFi.
2.Highest Fixed APY: HyperBurn takes stability to a new level by offering $HYBRN holders the highest fixed interest rate in the industry. With a fixed APY of 1.917% daily or a compounding rate of 102,483.58% annually, $HYBRN holders can anticipate consistent and predictable returns, eliminating the uncertainty associated with fluctuating APYs found in other DeFi protocols.
Rapid Rebase Rewards: While many popular staking protocols distribute rebasing rewards every 8 hours, HyperBurn’s Autostaking Protocol raises the bar by providing rewards every 30 minutes, totaling 48 times per day. This unparalleled frequency makes HyperBurn the fastest auto-staking protocol in the crypto space, ensuring that users have more opportunities to maximize their rewards.

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