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Kalata token (KALA)

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KALATA is the backbone of Synthetic Asset issuance and transaction agreements, allowing everyone to have a smooth experience of real world financial assets. Kalata comes with higher performance, lower transaction costs and a higher degree of customization.

KALATA is also a derivative trading and mortgage lending platform for decentralized synthetic assets.

KALA is the native token of the system, which is designed to promote community governance and stimulate the activity of KALATA ecosystem.

Why trade on Kalata Exchange

Cross Margin on Any Asset

Virtually any asset can be supported by the peer-to-pool engine, whether it’s BTC, ETH, altcoins, gold or fiat. Kalata also supports state-of-the-art cross margining, maximizing capital efficiency.

Zero Slippage and Guaranteed Execution

Kalata uses high-performance oracle to make sure the consistency between synthetic asset prices and real-world asset prices. Every trade will be executed against real-time price feeds with zero slippage, guaranteed by our over-collateralized liquidity pool.

Advantages of being on Binance Smart Chain

Kalata is based on Binance Smart Chain which brings lower gas fees and higher throughput. Therefore, users can more easily acquire high profits from synthetic assets equipped with liquidity, as well as high-quality user experience of all products.

Moreover, with advantages offered by Binance Smart Chain, Kalata can generate synthetic assets from BUSD, and will further allow users to trade with zero slippage, no counterparty and unlimited market depth based on its advanced debt pool model.

Better Minting Mechanism

Kalata synthetic asset agreement allows anyone to lock in collaterals to generate synthetic asset tokens, with a minimum value required as 1.5 times the values of synthetic assets.

On the exchange, a 0.03% fee is charged per transaction, and the fee enters the mortgage pool and serves as a reward for KALA token holders (once per week for each user). The reward amount will be based on any mortgagor’s shares to the total debt pool. Users who conduct derivative transactions can also get rewards of KALA tokens based on the proportion of the transaction amount to the total transaction volume.

KALA Tokens

The protocol token is named KALA. KALA is based on BEP-20 standard with a total issuance of 200 million. The token will be used for multiple purposes in the following proportions.


The project has been audited by Certik and by Trustlook.

KALATA BSC contract :






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