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NFT Incubator

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NFT Incubator ($NFTIN)
NFT Incubator ($NFTIN)

NFT Incubator ($NFTIN)

NFT Incubator is an innovative platform to support and promote digital art designers and creators as they start their journey. This platform was created to bring together digital artists, technicians, and marketers.

ART + TECHNOLOGY + COMMERCE You create and build. We promote and sell!

We accompany you all the way to create and promote your creativity. We finance a marketing program and ensure the sale of your NFT collections.

Under certain conditions, the proceeds from the sold collections are distributed between the NFT Incubator fund and the creator.

The specialists at the NFT Incubator platform select and help novice designers release their collections on well-known NFT marketplaces on up-to-date decentralized blockchains.

The popularity of our platform allows us to successfully promote and sell your work. We help developers and designers find each other and reach their goals faster. The NFT Incubator brand is the guarantor of the quality and safety of our products. NFT Incubator is a platform for creative and talented people who have no experience in blockchain development.


This is a utility token on Binance Smart Chain. The important benefits of the Binance Smart Chain that bring $NFTIN tokens include low transaction fees, high performance with a network capable of producing a block every 3 seconds.

NFTIN will be rewarding holders with huge BUSD reflection rewards on every transaction. We will be using the brand new Buy Back tokenomic to help the chart stay on a steady upwards trend or use it to remove tokens from the circulating supply.


  • Anti-Whale system
  • Organic social media growth
  • Aggressive marketing push
  • NFT Market
  • Fair launch
  • No pre-sale
  • BUSD rewards to holders


TOTAL SUPPLY: 1 000,000,000,000

  • BURN – 20 %
  • AIRDROP – 10 %
  • MARKETING – 10 % (LOCK )
  • DEV & TEAM – 5 % (LOCK )


  • Promotion NFT Artists: 3 %
  • Marketing: 3 %
  • Rewards in BUSD: 5 %
  • BuyBack: 2 %
  • Liquidity Pool: 2 %

NFT Incubator BSC contract:


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  1. A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room.
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