About us

Bart, the founder of $OLANA, is not your typical entrepreneur.

He grew up quickly and he’s far from stupid. He saw the crypto market flooded with thousands of cryptocurrencies with billions of supply.

His coin wasn’t going to be another petrol dollar. Bart understands the value of scarce supply, hence why he set the total supply at.


Being a pyromaniac like all of us, Bart decided to burn a significant portion of the coin supply after a few weeks.

$OLANA aims to fight against the relentless pain of inflation for the average guy. It offers a deflationary coin that can be traded and stored for financial independence.

The staking and burn mechanism of $OLANA ensures a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for its users. It not only provides a way for holders to increase their earnings but also ensures the long-term value and stability of the coin.

 The potential of Web3 is still largely untapped. 

Imagine the day you can tell your boss you’re quitting because you invested in


After surviving a rug pull by old dev, we’ve managed to rebuild and now stand as a community-driven project. We’re committed to helping those who’ve been scammed in the Web3 space.


Phase 01.

Renounce and Burn LP

Create Socials

Update Dexscreener and Birdeye

Buy Trending

1000 Holders

Phase 02.


5000 Holders

Marketing through Twitter &



Phase 03.

CEX Listings

10,000 Holders


Staking & Burn Mechanism

NFT Staking


Total Supply 35,459,591

Issued Supply 42,069,420

Liquidity Locked

Fair Launch

Zero Tax

Mintable No

Mutable Info No

Ownership Renounced

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