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OrcLands Metaverse (ORC)

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OrcLands Metaverse (ORC)
OrcLands Metaverse (ORC)

Launched: 1 January 2022.

Contract address:  0x968f9C44879F67a29B1BfcCf93ea82d46A72881F


Orclands is a cryptocurrency project with a primary tradeable ORC token that is also used to purchase Orclands NFTs. These NFTs support multiple game play methods which can provide earnings for NFT holders.

Orclands gamenomics is a term we use to define the sustainability model for are multiple methods of gameplay. We will ensure that gameplay will be rewarding via certain system constraints which will be detailed in the whitepaper. However in short there will be limits are number of concurrent players, availability of NFTs, life span of NFTs and ROI for investment.

  • NFT Collection: Orcs, Lands, Weapons, Armour and Tools. Other NFTS such as magical Items can only be obtained through mining activities;
  • Villain Battle: Warriors Orc is the pride of the colony, always in battle against colony threats. Wizards, Priest and Thief Orcs also have unique battle abilities;
  • Boss Battle: Orclands is full or surprises, and Mega Orc is the very first threat to Orc society as he attempts domination. Team up to defeat him to share in large prize pools;
  • Farming: is a great way to produce ORC tokens as passive income with the Farmer Orc NFT and NFT Tools;
  • Mine: Very rare magical NFT items suchs as potions and spellbooks can only be obtained by mining through the use of the Miner Orc NFT;
  • Orc Markets: Buy and sell of NFTs in the Orc Markets. Or rent your NFTs to other players for a fee.


Token maximum supply: 1,000,000,000

Token circulating supply: 100,000,000

Doxxed: The team has been semi-doxxed with cartoon images of the founding members of the team, these and background information regarding the team members can be found on the whitepaper here;




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