PangoLinu (Pango)

  • PangoLinu (Pango)

PangoLinu- on Dogecoin’s trail

There is fear in the financial market and also in the crypto sector. But right now you have the unique chance to buy great projects at bargain prices, like PangoLinu.

Inspired by Dogecoin, we developed PangoLinu. One of the leading crypto coins in the future.

But unlike Dogecoin, PangoLinu is not just a meme currency, but much more than that.

Through PangoLinu, a unique ecosystem will emerge, the Pangoverse.

A new NFT game where you can raise your Pango, digitally mapped as NFT and unreplacable and everything in one app.

So we make sure that you always have your Pango by your side and can take care of him.

The best thing about it is that you not only have a loyal friend and companion, but also a real investment that could later be worth millions.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies where you have high transaction costs, these do not exist with PangoLinu and are completely free.

Visit our website and get Pango in your wallet.

Token name: PangoLinu

Symbol: Pango

Total supply:  100.000.000

Locked LP: 365 day

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Contract: 0xbaAc55717741ccC2cBa87de51215b6BDEe165b1e

Launched: 23/11/2022

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