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         REPLICA (RPC)

  • Details about the project/Why is it a good investment:

REPLICA; it is completely decentralized and ownerless, there is no funding for its developer team, Replica does not charge community burn fees, tries to keep the community strong by giving rewards to its owners. It also organizes trading competitions for the community in the future and gives bigger rewards.

REPLICA; He believes in the power of large interconnected communities such as Ethereum, Shiba and Doge that this great power brings great gains.

Developed by a group of developers, a fan of the blockchain ecosystem that created these large communities such as Ethereum, Shiba and Doge which he admires, REPLICA is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain with the aim of creating a new completely decentralized community.

REPLICA; It is completely decentralized and ownerless, there is no funding for the dev team, REPLICA does not charge its owners for burning, it gives a 1% reward to its owners.

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  • Tokenomics:

        marketing % 4

        reward      % 1

        liquidity     % 2

         dev           % 2

  • Supply:      5,000,000,000,000
  • Contract Number:  0x38ccA82307b8159b146952acFdF955D08b5f80FB
  • Chain:
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  • CATEGORIES     meme token

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