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Revomon / $REVO
Revomon / $REVO

Revomon / $REVO

Revomon is an exciting new online RPG that combines an incredible, immersive virtual-reality experience with the ground-breaking technology behind NFTs.

This synergy will allow for the creation of real value in a virtual world by leveraging blockchain technology.

$REVO tokenomics sustain a whole ecosystem balanced between the investors, the project growth and the game universe.



We believe in a future where players truly own what they collect. Each Revomon can be swapped into an ERC-721 NFT.

Community led

We believe in a game built and led by its community. Each token holder can vote on major decisions about the platform, the game and its content.

Play to Earn

We believe in a place where your entertainment can be turned into a source of income.


Start staking/farming $REVO to help securizing in-game network activities. Participants are rewarded for depositing and holding coins, with constant guaranteed time-based returns.

Doxxed team

The project is led by a doxxed team of professionals. Their LinkedIn profiles are public.

Revomon Ethereum contract :


Revomon BSC contract :


Revomon contact information





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