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SafeMoon is a hyper-deflationary crypto currency with automated reflection and liquidity, granting it unique properties. For each transaction, there is a 10 percent tax. Half of that tax, 5 percent, is redistributed to all other SafeMoon holders in the form of reflection. The remaining 5 percent is used for liquidity.

These “tokenomics” aid price stability and incentivizes holding for several reasons:

  1. The burning of tokens creates a constriction on supply.
  2. The transaction tax creates a disincentive to sell.
  3. During periods of high-volume volatility, more reflections are distributed.
  4. It is far more costly and difficult for day-traders to artificially manipulate the price.

Overall, think of SafeMoon as a high-yield financial instrument, like an ETF, that leverages taxation on volume to provide a percentage yield to its holders. All of this makes SafeMoon an excellent store of value. The fact that it automatically allocates liquidity is just icing on the cake.

In addition, new utility is in the works, such as NFTs, gaming, exchange, wallet, hardware wallet,… And because SafeMoon has very high liquidity, this unlocks incredible DeFi / Decentralized Finance potential (e.g., lending) aimed to provide financial services for the unbanked — which is 1/3 of the world’s population.

All of this makes for a winning formula: powerful tokenomics that grant exciting current and future utility.

Contract Ownership

We are treading a fine line here.

  • One one hand we could have locked ourselves out of the contract and LP totally, which still may be a possibility in the future.
  • On the other hand we can keep the contract in our custody and utilize the functions of that to be able to applicate these functions to benefit the community, instead of harm them.
  • We have taken serious steps towards mitigating the risk of security initially starting with the fair launch hosted on DxSale, LP being immediately locked out of the gate, bringing in a real team with real people who offered to dox themselves and put their public credibility on the line, registering an entity, locking the 2nd LP, 3rd, 4th and the list goes on.
  • We have already publicly expressed our goals and intentions of why were remain open toward keeping the contract in our custody due to the functions of it allowing us greater strategic plays down the timeline. And keeps the contract from dropping the price on itself after achieving a low token count.
  • In other words, we aren’t just stuck with a smart contract that is limited to only trading on PancakeSwap. While that may be fine initially, we have the vision to expand beyond these boundaries. These are the boundaries that currently exist for many other developer teams that tout themselves as having an edge over us.
  • In summary, we are not shortsighted to the limitations as being a finality, we believe that this smart contract can out perform its competition for reasons that we exclusively offered to the community. Our edge? The perfect harmony between fair launch / public team / and responsible contract utilization, this was the birth of SafeMoon.


How  to buy

You can easily buy SafeMoon via BitMart and a few other exchanges as well.





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