Sanki Vraja( $SANKI)

Although at first  idea started only as a memecoin, in a very short time

Sanki has turned into a complex story that could bridge the gap between the crypto world and the “normal” one, Sanki.

In Romanian, although the word Sanki does not exist in the Dictionary,

it is somehow in the collective mind of the Romanians, as an expression that has the connotation of

something cool – most likely we all have a similar interpretation of the word “Sanki”.

Based on the above, we are convinced that Sanki is the perfect candidate that could merge the humor with the business and the crypto-sphere with the rest of the off-chain world.

Sanki is a token that was originally inspired by the vast universe of memes

on the internet, and the project represents the essence of humor and aims to create a hybrid  ecosystem animated by community.

Some important data:

Launched: May-21-2023

Audited: On to do list

Doxxed team: Not yet

SANKI – Tokenomics

Total max supply $888,000,000 $Sanki
Presale: 44%
LP: 51% (22%) on PancakeSwap
34% unlocked
– 10% founding team locked in a smart contract for 72 months with an equal
monthly release period for 72 months (1/72 monthly)
– 15% marketing and business development
– 9% for CEX listings
Vesting period for pre-sale buyers:
– 38% after presale ends
– 31% after 90 days
– 31% after another 90 days

  • Supply: 888,000,000 SANKI
  • Contract Number: 0x4A3dDbaF5Ef5B75991585797c8e0f3681d41D438
  • Chain: BNB SmartChain
  • LINKS:
  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:
  • Poocoin:
  • CATEGORIES: MemeCoin

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