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SHELTER ($SHELTER) is on a mission to End World Homelessness! Shelter Coin is a 100% community-driven, hyper deflationary, self-generating automatic liquidity token. Shelter pays passive rewards in Shiba Inu (SHIB) to holders while simultaneously fighting the homelessness pandemic. HODL and watch the value of SHELTER increase while earning SHIB rewards with every transaction! Smart Contract ownership relinquishment for complete community control and a two-year liquidity lock.


15% Transaction Tax

6% SHIB Reflections

3% Charity For Homeless

3% Auto Liquidity

3% Marketing/Development

We are committed to providing the utmost contribution to fighting the homelessness pandemic while simultaneously ensuring holder value increases.

Shelter Coin Official Chat ($SHELTER)

Shelter Coin Official Chat ($SHELTER) Crypto to End Homelessness!⭐️ 6% SHIB Rewards💒 3% Charity Donation🔐 3% Locked Liquidity💻 3% Marketing/Development🌎💻🛑 Admins will never DM first! If you have Telegram, you can view and join Shelter Coin Official Chat ($SHELTER) right away.

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Shelter Coin V2 Launches On Dec 1st As The World’s 1st Crypto Project Created To End Homelessness! Private Sale End Nov 30: 0xb1ad73adc0c46fa1f0303b1585570f561a5edc8c

Shelter Coin – Crypto To End Homelessness! – Medium

Read writing from Shelter Coin – Crypto To End Homelessness! on Medium. Crypto on a mission to #EndHomelessness PancakeSwap: 0xbd9e76d7ad262d702dcde48cc174e1e934035355 #sheltercoin #shelter_coin.


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