Taubium (TAUB)

Taubium is a visionary blockchain project driving the future of decentralized technologies. With its utility-driven TAUB token, Taubium combines scalability, security, and sustainability, redefining how we experience decentralization. Join us on this transformative journey where innovation meets utility, one block at a time.

Committed to responsible blockchain innovation, Taubium explores energy-efficient consensus mechanisms, contributing to a sustainable decentralized future. Seamless integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) opens doors to a broader decentralized landscape, enhancing interoperability and compatibility.

Project Name: Taubium
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000
Token Price: $0.03
Market Cap: $17,000,000
Soft Cap: $6,000,000
Hard Cap: $12,000,000

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