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Toddler Pancake (TPCake)

Note that a listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room. Please get your strong community to vote. Thanks. 🚀

Toddler Pancake (TPCake)
Toddler Pancake (TPCake)

Toddler Pancake (TPCake)

Missed out on BabyCake? Missed out on Baby Pancake? Meet Toddler Pancake, the newest member of the pancake family and this toddler wants to smash new market cap heights and that’s why we are lowering taxes! While still delivering juicy 6 percent in Cake rewards! We boast an amazing community, transparent dev team and unique tokenomics!

Team is experienced and aims to make Toddler Pancake the best dividend yield paying token on the BSC realm!

Huge marketing plan is being implemented at the moment, which includes ads on various websites such as Poocoin and popular crypto influencer shills on Twitter and giveaway competitions!

All holders of TPCake tokens will automatically receive Cake tokens airdropped into their wallets every hour.


Total transaction tax of only 12%. From which 6% is redirected to the holders’ wallets as $Cake rewards, 3% to the liquidity pool and the remaining 3% to the marketing wallet to continuously provide funds for the huge marketing campaign.

Anti-Whale and Anti-Bot Features: Maximum wallet cap and maximum transaction amount of  3% of the supply

Liquidity is locked but ownership will not be renounced to be able to develop the token further in the future. Check out the website for more details!

Toddler Pancake Contract address


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  1. A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room.
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