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ULTRASAFE charges an 8% fee on each transaction: one half is redistributed among holders, and the other half is added into liquidity.

From piggy banks to interplanetary vaults, tear through progressive security-related milestones and join the newest community-driven frictionless yield protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.

What is UltraSafe?

Buy and hold UltraSafe to reap the rewards of its frictionless yield protocol, earning passive income and enjoying price appreciation as the community-driven hype achieves dynamic milestones!

UltraSafe is Rug-Proof

With its liquidity locked and the contract renounced, UltraSafe is completely rug-proof. The automatic partial fee distribution to the liquidity pool results in a perpetually increasing price floor–each sell has less price impact than the last.

UltraSafe Utility

On the technical side, there are a lot of things in development such as a staking dApp, a unique NFT marketplace, Project Titanium Ice, staking with BnB upcoming,…

UltraSafe lives up to its name of being Ultra Safe. The devs are doxxed, and the token was audited 2 times, once by Solidity Finance and once by CertiK.

LLC formation is also completed – meaning multiple Centralized Exchanges listings are coming soon.


UltraSafe’s tokenomics are designed to smooth the often volatile waves of the market and
cultivate a safe holder experience. At the core of the tokenomics is an 8% transaction fee, divided into two parts.

Every transaction sends 4%, half of the 8% transaction fee, to liquidity, creating a perpetually increasing price floor and continuously decreasing the price impact of selloffs. Such an automatic function facilitates the manner in which liquidity is provided in a more user-friendly and less complex fashion.

The remaining 4% of the transaction fee is reflected directly back to holders, providing passive income and incentivizing holding. This frictionless yield mechanism is immutable; Holders will forever receive 4% of every transaction, ensuring passive token generation not reliant on fickle APY’s.

This creates an environment that actively rewards holders beyond simply discouraging selloffs. Long term holders will reap increasingly larger rewards as their investment compounds and gains a continously greater portion of the reflection.

UltraSafe has a fixed supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. The breakdown of how these tokens are used is detailed below:
25% Presale to raise liquidity 40% Initial liquidity 30% Token burn 5% Marketing fund – used to expand the project.

UltraSafe Marketing

Marketing is being accelerated. We’ve seen Ultra mentioned by TikTok and Youtube influencers and even in multiple MSM publications.

More influencers are on the way and more marketing methods are being explored for further expansion, including Social Media Advertising such as FB ads.

$Ultra is also working with high profile PR firm who actively work with A list celebs, sports names and UFC fighters to help get us to the moon!.

UltraSafe World Records

5,000 holders in less than 24 hours.
$60m market cap in under 48hrs.

UltraSafe Contract address


For more info

Twitter: ️

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