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UnderMineGold (UMG)

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UnderMineGold (UMG)
UnderMineGold (UMG)

UnderMineGold (UMG)

UnderMineGold is a popular gamefi project integrating NFT + Defi. In the game, participants buy interesting blind boxes to produce miner NFT and mining tool NFT, enter the unlocked mine hole, and conduct mining full of randomness and interest.

NFT + DeFi = GameFi

GameFi refers to presenting financial products in the form of games and gaming the rules of Defi, such as using NFT equipment to improve revenue and introducing battle mode. Compared with traditional mobile mining, gamefi project has stronger interaction with users and higher interest.

In the UnderMineGold game, investors can buy interesting blind boxes to obtain miners and miners’ props with rich attributes. These NFTs can be used as investors’ collections, exchanged in the NFT market, and can also be used in the cave mining game. The better the properties of props will bring greater benefits to investors’ mining.


  • Non homogeneous NFT miner characters, interesting blind box acquisition methods
  • Rich miner role attribute design to improve mining interest
  • Ubiquitous random events, miners’ attributes are random, and props’ attributes are random
  • Valuable miner NFT and prop NFT can improve mining efficiency, promote users’ desire to buy and improve Token price
  • Seamlessly connect with NFT market to make users’ collected NFT more valuable
  • The output of blind box props purchased by BNB enables the project to generate real income, buy back and destroy tokens
  • Perfect financial model, UMG buys miners blind box, BNB buys tools blind box, LP unlocks mine hole pledge, completes token price empowerment.


The project has been audited by BlockAudit.

UnderMineGold BSC contract :


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