We Are Proud to Present USAToken!

We are proud to present the long-awaited USA Token! USAT is a place of refuge from the endless cycle of money printing and government spending. USA Token is a governance token with emphasis on community.  As such, all $USAT holders will help shape the ecosystem and vote on proposals. USA Token has a set supply, meaning no more tokens will ever be created or minted. USAT is in the Marketing phase available for purchase at and will take off to new heights after going into the DEX and CEX Listings phase!


------------------------------------- Note that: 1) A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room. 2) If a listing reaches 2000 votes within 10 days, it will be tagged as a “Strong Community”. 2000 votes also qualifies the project to become one of our partners. You get 12 months of promotion at the cost of only 1 month! Please get your awesome community to vote. Thanks. 🚀🚀🚀 ------------------------------------- Hello readers, this post was created with our nice and easy submission form. Create your post!


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