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In spite of accelerated innovation & development, decentralized exchanges have yet to find a perfect balance between transactional speed, cost & user experience.

Our Products


Unparalleled DeFi access, high liquidity, low slippage and cross-chain swaps with the best exchange rates.

Conditional Orders

Central limit order book capabilities with the feel and functionality of a traditional exchange.


Participate to receive early allocation from newly verified projects.

Liquidity & Staking Pools

Earn incentives by providing liquidity or staking single assets.

Token Details

Name: Crossworld Token
Ticker: $CRSW
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Decimals: 18
Standard: BEP20

Token Supply

CRSW is an emission based token. Emission will be 1.2 CRSW per block for the first 14 days, and 1 per block thereafter. We estimate that it will take 5-8 years to reach max supply.

Max Supply
Maximum supply is limited to 50 Million.

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