Wraith ($WRAITH)

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Wraith ($WRAITH)
Wraith ($WRAITH)

Wraith ($WRAITH)

Wraith Secure provides privacy and anonymity to transactions by mixing transfers with the pool of funds within Wraith. WraithSecure ensures outgoing transfers remain anonymous utilizing built in VPN and mixing protocols. By utilizing WraithSecure we obscure the traceability of your transfers and your online identity.

The Founding of Wraith

We are a team of individuals that are tired of malicious projects infecting the Binance Smart Chain. We vow to ensure our community is provided a safe and fully transparent environment where they know their investment is safe from scams.

With Wraith, we strive to establish a safe BSC Token to invest into. We are utilizing multisig wallets on our deployer wallet, WraithSecure liquidity Pool, and marketing wallet. THESE ARE OUR ONLY WALLETS. No one on the team will be allocated tokens. This means any tokens held by the team have been bought with their own investment.

The Project includes an automated liquidity compiling to replenish the token’s liquidity pool.  Wraith will not use bots to manipulate price, or attempt any “pump and dumps” as we are establishing a serious, and legitimate project with morals.


Wraith has a 12% tax on all transactions: Transfers from wallet to wallet, Sells, and Buys.

  • 1% WraithSecure LP – A liquidity pool will be generated for WraithSecure features.
  • 5% LIQUIDITY – Through Auto-Liquidity compiling, the liquidity pool is boosted with every transaction.
  • 2% TEAM – To ensure only the most qualified personnel are working for you. Wraith will change the way Blockchain operates forever.
  • 3% MARKETING – A constant stream of funding to bring $Wraith to the darkest corners of the world. Next stop, Blockchain takeover
  • 1% BURN – With every transaction, a portion will be removed from circulation forever. Increasing scarcity and demand.

Wraith BSC contract :


Wraith Links




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