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100xCoin crypto
100xCoin crypto

100xCoin / 100X

The 100x Protocol is a community driven, DeFi crypto token. In each trade, three simple functions occur: Burn, LP Acquisition, and Development growth. Through this tokenomics model, the project is benefitted as a whole with every single transaction. 100xCoin transactions benefit ALL holders, not just whales.

Your Wallet

With every token burned, your 100xCoins become more and more rare, without you having to touch them.

3% Burn & Deflation

3% of all trades are burned constantly decreasing supply. By reducing coins in circulation – those that are in existence become more valuable over time.

5.5% to Liquidity Pool

Automatic LP. 5.5% of every trade is used to increase the liquidity pool.

1.5% to Growth

1.5% of every transaction is used to fund marketing and development through our decentralized community.

100xAltbase, the 100xCoin app

All the tools necessary to succeed with 100xCoin. Store your coins, send them, receive them, and more.

No more hassling with PancakeSwap and a third-party wallet. Trade 100xCoin directly in-app.

See price movement on-the-go with charts built directly into 100xAltbase. Never miss a dip again.

100xCoin bridging the gap

100xCoin is broadening the market by making it easy for new holders to join the community through our new app, 100xAltbase which makes it easy to buy, send, and receive $100x

We will bridge the gap between retail investors and the small-cap altcoin marketing with our new mobile app, 100xAltbase.

How we will get there:

  • Become the go-to app for easy purchasing of small-cap altcoins.
  • Incentivized referral program in-app for word of mouth marketing.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads pointed at retail investors.

100xCoin, a purpose-driven crypto token

Our community coin $100x is used to work with community members to build defi solutions.

High-octane team

In any project, you really invest in the team. Our founder’s identity is public unlike others, and he knows how to recruit a high-performing team that gets stuff done right.

Ken Llamas, KenTheCrypto, is the Founder & CEO. He’s a public figure and Youtube influencer who’s working hard, along with the rest of the team, to land us to the moon. He is based in California, United states and livestreams every single day on his youtube channel –

The team has been able to sign multiple Professional NFL players and MMA athletes as partners. This will also help with 100xCoin plans to have an NFT Launchpad for professional Athletes as well as a future Launchpad use case for newer projects that need fundraising in their early starts.

Community backed

Take a look at our Telegram channel compared to other coins. Our community is absolutely hyped on our coin and they help us drive growth and really believe in 100x.

More holders really solidifies backing in a coin and creates strong growth moving forward.

How we’ll get there

  • Major adoption of our mobile app, 100xAltbase
  • Securing major exchange listings
  • A list Celebrity and Affiliate Partners

Stake $100x to Earn NFTs

Holders of 100xCoin will have exclusive access to the rarest NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. As the first sponsor of an NFL athlete, with many more partnerships in the pipeline, we will control the most collectible art in the BSC.


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How to buy 100xCoin

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