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GMR Finance
GMR Finance

GMR Finance / GMR

GMR is an OP crypto developed by gamers for gamers!

With instant rewards for holders, through our unique RFI tokenomics, GMR is no ordinary token!

With exclusive NFTs from content creators, the ability to tip friends, followers, and even a good comment – right from our Gamer Center using GMR! We are building a product that finally unleashes the potential for crypto inside the gaming world.

GMR Gamer Center

Exclusive content, premium creator partnerships, NFTs – A gaming / crypto match made in heaven…

The center offers unparalleled connectivity between content creators and fans. Watch, stream and build an audience while reaping the rewards.

Like a video? Tip the creator some GMR. See a good comment? Show some appreciation by tipping the commenter some GMR!

Participate in tournaments, or cheer on your favorite clan, all from one place – the GMR Center.

Content creators, selling NFTs has never been so easy! Connect to your preferred platform and turn your back-catalogue into NFTs with a few clicks of a button. What’s more, each time your NFT changes hands, you’ll be rewarded with a small percentage of the sale – passive income GMR style!

Exclusive NFTs

Gamers, streamers and content creators of all sizes! Wouldn’t it be great if at the click of a button you could tokenize your content?

From our Gamer Center, that’s exactly what you will be doing!

Look out for demonstrations in our AMA’s over on Twitch!

GMR Gaming Tournaments

We wouldn’t be gaming crypto without games!

Join us for our inaugural tournament later in 2021, where we have partnered up with a global powerhouse in the eSports world, to bring to gamers a $250,000 prize pool Warzone tournament!

Exclusive Partnerships

That’s right! We are working closely with industry partners in both the crypto and gaming world to put together a package that pleases both investors and gamers alike!

Stay tuned to our weekly AMA’s for more details, and you never know, you may just recognize one or two of the guests in the near future!

GMR and Turopium have agreed to a meaningful partnership, to work together with Turopiums roster of content creators  – with over 50m combined subscribers – to produce gaming events, sponsored tournaments and exclusive NFTs.

The Fun Stuff

Ok so that’s the “keep em hooked” stuff out of the way, now for the fans!

We have already pointed out that holders are rewarded with every transaction – yeah that’s right, hold and watch your token balance increase when others sell! Check out our tokenomics for more details!

But wait, there’s more! Get yourself registered in our Gamer Center and be notified when our exclusive lottery draws drop! And what’s more, if you are a member, you could be in with a chance to grab an exclusive game key too.

GMR Contract address


How to buy

You can easily buy it via BitMart and a few other exchanges as well.

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