Here is a $DICK — the main memecoin on TON. It is probably the first memecoin to have gone global (even before its listing). And the listing is today!

You can start buying and holding $DICK at 3pm UTC, April 22nd on Keep an eye on for the official DICK address—they’ll share it just before it goes live.

This coin’s definitely caught some hype—its presale pulled in a cool $1.3 million super fast!

Little reminder you about the alpha: Buy $DICK every day for the first 10 days, stack up to 10,000 DICKs and snag yourself an exclusive NFT. The more DICKs you grab, the rarer your NFT and the bigger the rewards. Don’t miss out! – ENG chat – Ru Chat – Announcment – TW – bot – website

Chain: TON

CA: EQAOLOJ9jhS1RmzEQwayCcD_8glZhI3m7lNOfoNTUhP4Ta8n

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