Hefe The Walrus (HEFE)

Welcome to the $HEFE Project, a pioneering initiative at the intersection of cryptocurrency, community engagement, and environmental conservation. 

Built on the eco-friendly Avalanche blockchain, the $HEFE Token is more than just a digital asset—it’s a key to a purpose-driven community where financial growth directly contributes to marine conservation. 

With a unique commitment to adopting a walrus for each market cap milestone and a fully transparent, no insider team allocation model, HEFE is set to redefine the potential of memecoins. 

Join us in making a meaningful impact on the planet while exploring the expansive possibilities of cryptocurrency.

  • Tokenomics:

    Total Token Supply: 690,420,000 tokens

    We’ve designed the token distribution to support our project’s growth, liquidity, and community engagement. Here’s how we’re allocating the tokens:

    1. Presale Allocation: 55% of the total supply or about 379,731,000 tokens, will be available during the presale. This is your chance to be among the first to hold $HEFE!

    2. Liquidity Pool on TraderJoe: 30% of the total supply, approximately  207,126,000 tokens, to ensure a robust and healthy liquidity pool. 

    3. Centralized Exchange Listing: 10% which is 69,042,000 tokens, is reserved for listings on major centralized exchanges. This step is crucial for enhancing our token’s accessibility and visibility.

    4. Strategic Partnerships: 5% equating to 34,521,000 tokens, are set aside for forging strategic partnerships. These collaborations are key to expanding our ecosystem and driving adoption.

  • Supply: 687.74M
  • Contract Number:
  • Chain: Avalanche
  • LINKS:
  • Telegram:
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  • Website:
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