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What We Do?

BNBPay Wallet incorporates ERC-1363 EIP to allow customers to spend crypto at ecommerce stores and local café or restaurant. Our objectives are to provide a decentralized, private and pennies-cost instant payment.

Decentralized payment

We offer decentralized payment which eliminates the need for independent third-parties such as trustees, processors, clearing houses, exchanges and settlement organizations who function to verify and validate information

Fixed transfer fees

Whether you are paying or transferring $5 or $500,000, you only pay pennies in transfer fee.

Protects the identity

Pseudonymous payment protecting you from tracking from 3rd parties

Instant payments

Near-instant payment confirmation

BNBPay Ecosystems

  • $BPAY Wallet with Earn and Staking
  • $BPAY eCommerce Integration
  • $BPAY Reward System

BNBPay Wallet

Mobile QuickPay

Complete your payment using crypto at cafe, restaurant, and retail stores

Make ecommerce payment

Skip online forms and complete online checkout process in just a few taps

Earn $BPAY tokens

Pay using wallet and earn $BPAY tokens. Making payment has never been more rewarding.

Staking Tokens

Earn passive income by staking your tokens to earn fixed interest or earn farming rewards in $BPAY

Track your crypto expenses

Transaction History helps you to track your crypto income and expenses

Circulating Supply

  • 60% Launch Supply:  6,000,000,000
  • 15% Burned:  1,500,000,000
  • 10% Payment Rewards:  1,000,000,000
  • 10% Team & Development:  1,000,000,000
  • 5% Marketing:  500,000,000

BNBPay Trading Tokenomics

  • 10% Tax on every transaction:
    • 5% Auto farm back to investors
    • 3% Dev and marketing
    • 2% Auto buyback – Buying back $BPAY then burning it automatically!

What Makes $BPAY Great and Promising?

  1. Deflationary
  2. Solves Crypto Merchant Payment
  3. Unlimited Real World Use Case
  4. Front Running Bot Proof
  5. Auto Back Feature
  6. Liquidity Locked (On Launch)

How to buy $BPAY

You can buy $BPAY on PancakeSwap

BNBPay contract :


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